June 12, 2008

Hair, Tattoos, Mermaids & Shoes @ JetDoll

Hello Dolls! Their has been silence on the blog for quite some time. Schools done with, and summer is here! Yes it is finally here; the hot dreary fatigue has returned. So new stuff in store this week ranging from shoes to fins and inks to hair. Take a look and stop by the Jet if something tickles your fancy!

Tenchu & JetDoll have been working hard to bring you a colored series of the Pumpoues sculpted heels ~ Pumpous Hues and Pumpous Prints! A basic color palette of heels in 6 different colors for your taste. Colors are: Black, Green, Orange, Yellow, Blue, and Red. Prints are zebra, dalmation, leopard, cheetah, snake, giraffe, cow, tiger.
Hues: 175L$ Each
Prints: 200L$ for 2 pair

Leira! A play on Ariels Little Mermaid hair with an optional chest cover for you happy mers! This hair comes in 5 colors: Black, Brown, Blonde, Red, & Plum! hair is MOD via script resizer!

Got your pistols loaded? Pistol Packin' Mama is a hip pistol tat that comes in two layers: pants and underpants. These tattoos were made to stick out of your pants to give an illusion of real guns. Pick up these babies in store now!

MerTale is a brach of JetDoll that specializes in underwater mermaid and mermaid accessories. For a limited time (until summer ends) you can find MerTale products at the JetDoll mainstore! These three tails Leopard, Silver Leopard, and Zebrafish Mermaid tails are available at the JetDoll store for 275L$ each. They include a sculpted tail, flexi fins, various layers of clothing and attachment fins!


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