August 01, 2008

Dollarbie, Hair, Lingerie, Tattoos, Shapes, Poses @ JetDoll

Dollarbie Sculpted Flower
A group dollarbie is available to the ladies! A pretty sculpted tigerlily hairflower! Available for 1L$ (Walk in on the right side)

Seamed Stockings
Yummy back seamed stockings in regular and Cuban heel. In black and brown with full color and opacity. 75$L M/C/NT

Bowie Hair
Can't find a bow? Make it with your own hair! Bowie hair comes with 3 hair bow attachments for 3 different styles.
110$L M/C/NT

Audrey Hair
One of the cutest gals of this era, Audrey Hepburn has captured out hearts and hasn't let go. This hair is styled like hers from Breakfast at Tiffany's. Available in 5 colors, Demos 1L$
110$L M/C/NT

Seamed Leg Tattoo
Tired of your stockings ripping out on the town? Problem solved, get a seam tattoo!
50$L M/C/NT

Bettie Page Shape -
Betty Grable Shape
Two great ladies and two great shapes! Demos available in store for 1L$ and shapes for 300L$ Shape matched to accuracy with included notecard on hair, skin and accessories

Vargas Girls Static Poses
Vargas girls have always been beautiful and perfectly posed. Now it is your turn to strike like one of these beautiful ladies!


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