Bettie Page Memorial Sale @ JetDoll

The Queen of pin-up has past so JetDoll is setting up a 50% off sale of all Bettie related items in store. This sale will last until saturday 12/13/08

R.I.P. Bettie Page

Story Below:

LOS ANGELES – Bettie Page, the 1950s secretary-turned-model whose controversial photographs in skimpy attire or none at all helped set the stage for the 1960s sexual revolution, died Thursday. She was 85.

Page was placed on life support last week after suffering a heart attack in Los Angeles and never regained consciousness, said her agent, Mark Roesler. He said he and Page's family agreed to remove life support. Before the heart attack, Page had been hospitalized for three weeks with pneumonia.

"She captured the imagination of a generation of men and women with her free spirit and unabashed sensuality," Roesler said. "She is the embodiment of beauty."

Page, who was also known as Betty, attracted national attention with magazine photographs of her sensuous figure in bikinis and see-through lingerie that were quickly tacked up on walls in military barracks, garages and elsewhere, where they remained for years.

Her photos included a centerfold in the January 1955 issue of then-fledgling Playboy magazine, as well as controversial sadomasochistic poses.

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Rosie the Riveter Hair

The famous cultural icon representing the six million women who entered the workforce for the first time during World War II is now available as a sleek sculpted hairstyle in SL! Rosie hair features a sculpted rag and knot with a texture changer with 10 bandana colors! Hair is available in 8 colors as well: Black, Blue Black, Brown, Red, Plum, Orange, Blonde & Suicide Blonde. Try a DEMO in store today!

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50% After Halloween Sale!

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NEW @ JetDoll: Halloween Mania!

October has been a slap in the face! So much work to be done, but alas it has all been done. For those who are looking for a very retro Halloween, JD is your stop for a head turning costume! This year the fabulous costumes of Jessica Rabbit, Wilma Flintstone and Betty Rubble have appeared along with sculpted hair styles of Betty Page, Rubble, Flintstone, Rabbit, and the Bride of Frankenstein. In tune with The USO club (next door) and the birthday of the U.S Navy, a Cracker Jacks couple costume is available also!

Jessica Rabbit Hair/Dress/Avatar

A FULLY sculpted hairdo of one of the sexiest animated women in toon history! Jessica hair features the famous eye cover part with a full bouncy back. Available in 10 colors: Black, Jet Black, Wine, Brown, Orange, Plum,Red, Blood Red, Blonde & Suicide Blonde. Grab a DEMO in store today! 200L M/C/NT

"Why don't you do right?" like Jessica Rabbit! Now her classic stage show dress is available to you! This dress comes with a prim side part and glitch pants. It can also be worn as a sexy full piece swimsuit. Optional "bling" attachment points for extra fabulous-ness! 250L M/C/NT

A complete avatar with dress, gloves, sculpted hair in Orange, sculpted shoes, and 2 gestures "Why don't you do right?" & "I'm not bad..." Save $300L instead of getting separate parts! 400L M/C/NT

Bride-O-Frank Hair

A fully sculpted DO of the coolest bride ever! In two version: one with widows peak and one without. Available in 8 electric colors: Black, White, Red, Green, Yellow, Violet, Pink & Blue 250L M/C/NT

Betty & Wilma Hair
The dynamic duo of the Flintstones series is available now in 2 awesome hair styles! Betty & Wilma hairstyles are both sculpted with optional bone and bow attachments! Available colors are: Black, Jet Black, Blue Black, Red, Plum, Blonde, Orange, and Suicide Blonde. $100L M/C/No Trans

Betty Page Hair

The Queen of pin-ups hair is available to you now for Halloween or for everyday use! This sculpted Do' features the famous Betty bangs with a wavy body flowing over the shoulders and back. Available in 8 colors: Black, Jet Black, Blue, Violet, Wine, Plum, Red and Brown. Try a DEMO in store today! $200L M/C/NT

Betty & Wilma Dress
What hairdo isn't complete without a matching dress! Betty and Wilma's classic cartoon dresses, SL style! Betty's dress features a sculpted rock necklace and Wilma's features a pearl color change necklace :) $199L M/C/No Trans

Cracker Jacks Couples Outfits
Cracker Jacks or Navy Dress Blues. This outfit is an exact replica of a sailor in dress blues and comes as a couple costume for men and women :D Each gender sold separately. Featuring sculpted: cuffs, hat, tie, and collar!

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Halloween Pumpkin Hunt 10/25/08!

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New @ JetDoll: Shapes & Shoes

Hello everyone! New shapes are available in store as of today! Marilyn Monroe and the lovely Dita Von Teese. Demos are 1L and shapes with copy/mod are 300L. Also new sculpted kitten heel pumps with polka dot pattern 8 colors 300L.

The fabulous Marilyn is now available as a sexy shape! Mod and non mod versions come in this package along with eyebrows. Also a notecard with stats, and LMs! Try a DEMO in store :D

The Queen of burlesque revival is available at JetDoll! Come on down to try a 1L Demo. Shape includes a modify and non modify version. Notecard of a short biography and details on where to purchase additional items are included with LMs!

8 polka dotted pumps on short stub "kitten" heels. These babies are fully sculpted right down to the trim, bow and strap details. DEMO avaiable in store for 1L! Colors: Black, White, Navy, Light Blue, Violet, Red, Pink & Green.

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NEW @ JetDoll: Bows, Mermaids, Hair

So many new things have happened in the past weeks! Taking a break from it all I will present to you all of the new goodies available in store :) For you anti myspace people, JetDoll is now available on Facebook! Just search "JetDoll" in the search and join the group, or add the profile, hooray! ;D

Have a friend who'd like to join the group but has filled up on their group limit? No problem! Just stop by the shop and click on the subscribe-o-matic vendor (The image above) to be placed on a list for new items and images WITHOUT being part of the group. (But please, don't leave me to go there! xD ;__;)

The prelude style to the WW2 Romance hair ;) This unique hairstyle features victory rolls and sculpted back, hairnet and bow. it is available in 7 colors with a new "blonde" and "orange" shade. Test the DEMO out in store now! :D $250L Mod/Copy/No Trans

NEW @ The JetDoll RL Store!

This bow comes in two variations, with gingham and black fabric. It is held together with flexi straw. It is also available in the RL JetDoll store! ( $99L Mod, Copy, No Trans

New sculpted hair bow for the ladies! This bow features a skull pattern and sculpted skull centerpiece. ALSO available in RL~! $75L Mod, Copy, No Trans

Summers coming to an end so I decided to crank out some final fish wear for the ocassion! These mertails are FLEXIBLE and UNISEX! They come with sculpted shell bras for the ladies and a sculpted tail base. The tail is available in 7 colors: Black, White, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, Purple ^^ $300L each Mod, Copy, No Trans

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NEW @ JetDoll: A RL Store, Jeans, Glasses & Suits!

It has been a bout a month without updates, so here we go! A whole slew of news is available to you! It's going to happen soon, JetDoll is coming to RL! Add us on myspace (if you have one) for updates and a RL shop :)
Add us here!

So its Labor day in the US, lets get a new suit for actual labor the day after? ;) Sophie Suit is a 1940's inspired business suit with sculpted cuffs, collar, and belt. This adorable suit comes in 6 classic colors: Black, Gray, Brown, Wine, Brown and Teal. 275L$ M/C/NT
((Grab the Gray suit half off until midnight tonight! 9/1/08))

Cute prim 1950's inspired glasses in 6 colors: pink, red, brown, black, blue, and violet!
75L$ M/C/NT

New jeans with prim sculpted cuffs! Comes in 3 colors with 5 styles: Blue, Brown, Stonewashed and Leopard + Zebra cuffs on Stonewashed. 110L$ M/C/NT

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EVERYTHING for clearance is under 50L$! This weekend only 8/8 - 8/10 on the JetDoll mainstore roof! Merchandise is being sold this weekend only so hurry up before its gone FOREVER!

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Dollarbie, Hair, Lingerie, Tattoos, Shapes, Poses @ JetDoll

Dollarbie Sculpted Flower
A group dollarbie is available to the ladies! A pretty sculpted tigerlily hairflower! Available for 1L$ (Walk in on the right side)

Seamed Stockings
Yummy back seamed stockings in regular and Cuban heel. In black and brown with full color and opacity. 75$L M/C/NT

Bowie Hair
Can't find a bow? Make it with your own hair! Bowie hair comes with 3 hair bow attachments for 3 different styles.
110$L M/C/NT

Audrey Hair
One of the cutest gals of this era, Audrey Hepburn has captured out hearts and hasn't let go. This hair is styled like hers from Breakfast at Tiffany's. Available in 5 colors, Demos 1L$
110$L M/C/NT

Seamed Leg Tattoo
Tired of your stockings ripping out on the town? Problem solved, get a seam tattoo!
50$L M/C/NT

Bettie Page Shape -
Betty Grable Shape
Two great ladies and two great shapes! Demos available in store for 1L$ and shapes for 300L$ Shape matched to accuracy with included notecard on hair, skin and accessories

Vargas Girls Static Poses
Vargas girls have always been beautiful and perfectly posed. Now it is your turn to strike like one of these beautiful ladies!

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Hair, Tattoos, Mermaids & Shoes @ JetDoll

Hello Dolls! Their has been silence on the blog for quite some time. Schools done with, and summer is here! Yes it is finally here; the hot dreary fatigue has returned. So new stuff in store this week ranging from shoes to fins and inks to hair. Take a look and stop by the Jet if something tickles your fancy!

Tenchu & JetDoll have been working hard to bring you a colored series of the Pumpoues sculpted heels ~ Pumpous Hues and Pumpous Prints! A basic color palette of heels in 6 different colors for your taste. Colors are: Black, Green, Orange, Yellow, Blue, and Red. Prints are zebra, dalmation, leopard, cheetah, snake, giraffe, cow, tiger.
Hues: 175L$ Each
Prints: 200L$ for 2 pair

Leira! A play on Ariels Little Mermaid hair with an optional chest cover for you happy mers! This hair comes in 5 colors: Black, Brown, Blonde, Red, & Plum! hair is MOD via script resizer!

Got your pistols loaded? Pistol Packin' Mama is a hip pistol tat that comes in two layers: pants and underpants. These tattoos were made to stick out of your pants to give an illusion of real guns. Pick up these babies in store now!

MerTale is a brach of JetDoll that specializes in underwater mermaid and mermaid accessories. For a limited time (until summer ends) you can find MerTale products at the JetDoll mainstore! These three tails Leopard, Silver Leopard, and Zebrafish Mermaid tails are available at the JetDoll store for 275L$ each. They include a sculpted tail, flexi fins, various layers of clothing and attachment fins!

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