Hell's Hounds Grand Opening!

Last night was the grand opening of Hell's Hounds; A new rockabilly club/with a burlesque theme and performance stage! We started the night with DJ Blaksmith spinning classic 50's tunes and then ended by breaking out with modern psychobilly tracks. Prizes were two 500$L giftcards to JetDoll. Come join us in our new club for daily events, with live DJs and performing artists!

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JetDoll Hair in Irkmade video

Hap Underwood, creator or Irkmade and the fabulous bubbling martini glass made a nice little video about New Years Eve featuring my WW2 Romance hair. It was so artsy, I had to show it off! Enjoy!

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Sylvia Vests @ JetDoll

A very revealing vest in 9 colors, 100% hand drawn, available in store now! Each vest comes in a shirt and jacket for layering purposes :D Each vest is 110$L mod.copy/no trans :)


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JetDoll Holiday Gift Hunt!

I've never done a hunt game and I'm really excited for it! I love to give so here is your chance to pick up some JetDoll merchandise FREE! I will be hiding 20 gift boxes, 10 Naughty and 10 Nice, all around the store! Everyone is invited to come hunt for gifts on 12/21, Friday, December 21st. All boxes are original copies, so take them with you if you want the item inside :)

Some of the "Nice" items are transferable, so if you receive a men's shirt and are a girl, you can give it to a friend as a gift :-p Have fun, receive a nice gift, and have a great Holiday weekend!


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JetDoll Gift Cards

Christmas is approaching fast, so why not surprised someone special with a JetDoll gift card? These gift cards are only reedemable in the mainstore and come in ammounts of 100$L, 500$L, and 1000$L They are also fully transferable, so you can stuff them in someones stocking ;-)

These gift cards will only be available from now until mid January!
Merry Christmas and Enjoy!

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I Got Tagged (Ty Alla xD)

The Rules:
1. Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
2. People who are tagged need to write a post on their own blog (about their eight things) and post these rules.
3. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
4. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

Here are the random factualities:

1) I am addicted to Coke, yes, the soda pop :) I NEED to have at least one per day to feel alright. Let's say it's my alternative to coffee

2) I have 2 birds that are not even the same species but act like brothers (a parakeet and a cockatiel) The littlest one, the parakeet, mouth feeds to the big fat bird. Ew!

3) My favorite food is Mediterranean, and my favorite dish is Kibbe or Chi-Kufte (Raw grounded cow meat with yeast) yum yum.

4) I'm a whore for pudding.

5) I enjoy painting, drawing, and creating things :)

6) I am a super hypochondriac - a person who thinks they are diseased of ill when somethings slightly wrong with them! *cough*

7) All of my good underwear is from Victoria's :x

8) I date a crack asian from the Philippines :D

Hmm, thats pathetic! I tag Cherry Tokyo!

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Psychobilly Hair & Holiday Dress @ JetDoll

A new psychobilly inspired hair for women! This style is a straight pull back with colored side chunks, or, white walls. Available in 6 colors (Colors apply to the side) Blue, Green, Blonde, Bombshell, Plum & Red Come test out a demo in store :) Each hair is 150$L each and is Mod only :D

Wow! It's been a while since I've made a dress! :o I got so caught up in primmed items to even consider making dresses again! Well, here a new one for ya: Forever Plaid! A red plaid cocktail holiday dress. This dress comes with a prim bow and skirt, is Mod only and 199L$ :)

Have a great day everyone!


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JetDoll enters EFA competition!

I have entered in the EFA fashion show! (Ewing Fashion Agency Design Awards) I have placed a vendor in the entrance to the store with the item that I am selling. I have decided to sell the Vintage Vixen hair in black and whatever buys it gets will count as votes for the best in hair category! If you have been itching to get this hair, please get the one on the vendor @ JetDoll hehe ;)

Vintage Vixen by JetDoll

This hair for the EFA is only available in Black, other colors are available in world :)

This elegant but iconic hairstyle is now available to you! Vintage Vixen is a playoff of the iconic Bettie Paige hairstyle that has been a cult figure for over the past 60 years! Hair is mod only, comes with a sakura blossom and is 100L

This item is an entry in the Ewing Fashion Agency Design Awards

Category: efada-single-hair

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Jewelry & Hair @ JetDoll

Hello everyone! I am back this week a with a slew of new release in store :) I have had a major brain fart recently and needed to relax my mind before creating these, so I hope you enjoy!

2 primmed necklaces on a medium thick chain featuring a swallow bird on a heart shaped base. Each necklace is 120L Mod only

Kitten Hair!
This hair is based off my normal everyday hairstyle in rl, hence the name ;-) Available in 6 colors: Black, Brown, Blonde, Bombshell Blonde, Red & Plum. This hair also comes with 6 bandanas with a mod "blank" bandana to put your own texture on :)

Mainstore: JetDoll

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NEW @ JetDoll - Sculpted Hair and Poses!

A new hair for the guys to parade around in! Want an Elvis styled DO without a
ll the primmage? This sculpted hair is the answer for you! It comes in 6 delicious colors: Black, Blonde, Platinum, Red, Brown AND a special GREASY Black :D Each is 200$L/ Mod only, but oh so worth it!

I've been on a roll making animations and finally came up with these Betty Page inspired poses. Each is 45$L and can be tested otu in the mainstore or, The complete fat pack is 450$L :D

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New @ JetDoll - Shoes, Poses, Clothing!


Hello everyone! Tons of NEW items available in store this week, so please check out whats new, their might be something you'd like to come home with!

A pack of 10 pin-up poses to stick into poseballs for photoshoots, or just situation posing :D Fat pack sold for 450$L or each individual sold for 45$L each! Test them out @ the mainstore :)

Clothing for Guys an Guls - Bowling style shirts with checker stripes! copy only & 75$L

Creeper designed shoes in 3 patterns: Leopard, Zebra, and Checkered print! Unisex, sound scripted and 125L$ each :)

The ponds are freezing over and it is time to get an icy workout! Ice King & Queen skates are scripted skating iceskates in boy and girl forms :-p 50$L each :) (that was a tounge twister!)

Prim nails in 6 melting latex colors for your fingers! More styles coming soon! 50$L each!

Mainstore: JetDoll

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Hair, Hats and Shoes @ JetDoll!

Wingtip Shoes! These puppies are sound scripted so you will "clap-clap" walking down the street :) 150$L

WW2 Romance Hair:

An early 40's inspired hairstyle with head rolls and curls throughout. 125L$ Mod/Copy/No Trans

Veiled Romance:

An extra piece to the WW2 hair: Veiled Romance.
This is a 40's inspired hat with feather trim, lace veil, bow, and stem feather! 50L$ each Mod only


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