Musical Hop Poodle Outfit

A cute musical poodle set. includes prim skirt, sculpted belt and system top. Available in 3 colors: Red, Blue and Black $99L Copy/Modify/No Trans

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JetDoll Reopens! Brand New Location!

JetDoll has reopened with a colored array of mid century city buildings featuring your favorite products in easy to find locations! Stop by the barbershop for a new do', the burlesque theatre to view our lovely ladies model the latest in lingerie, the shoe store for a fitting or even the Casino for some gambling!

Hope to see you soon!

-Kitty xoxo

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World Cup Bowling Shirts

Show off your team spirit with these bowling shirt styled jerseys from every popular team! Each 50L and Modify/Transfer to give to a friend or fellow fan!

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Summer Yukata @ JetDoll

Summer is here and Tenran presents wonderful cotton kimono called Yukata to wear for these hot months! Available in 4 styles, these garments can be worn within any summer occasion. Includes sculpted collar, obi, sleeves and uchiwa (fan) $100L modify/copy/no trans

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*JetDoll* - Tease-O-Rama ~ Flamingo

Shake your tail feather with this complete Burlesque strip outfit!

Back piece, headband, corset in 3 sizes, bra, panties, pasties and fans

Modify/Copy/No Trans $275L

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Unisex Sculpted Creepers Dark

A staple of fashion for the modern Rockabilly guy or gal, these dark creepers are fully sculpted and come in three flavors; Plaid, Leopard and Zebra. Grab each for $150L or a fatpack for $400L ( a savings of 50L) Mod/Copy/No Trans

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All Tied Up: Dirty Polka Tops

A cute tie top featuring dirty polka dot patterns in black, white, yellow, pink, blue and red! Includes sculpted cuff, collar and tie. Take one of these home for $75L

Mod/Copy/No Trans

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Group Gift - JetDoll Tee

A small gift for you all. Thank you for being supportive of JetDoll!
-Kitty xoxoxo

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Become a JetDoll Model (Ad)

Do you have what it takes to be a JetDoll Model? The mission of JetDoll is to recreate a time of romance, fun and nostalgia. If you are looking for an easy part time or are passionate about the era please fill out an application!

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Happy Birthday JetDoll + 50% off Sale!

JetDoll turns three years old and what better way to celebrate than with a 50% off sale! All items in the "Shoes" room will be set to 50% off until the end of the week. 4/5 - 4/11. All styles for guys and gals at a low price!

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JetAid: Retired items for 1L

JetDoll presents JetAid: a new section in the shop bringing back retired items for 1L! Providing relief in times of high prices! Some of those old favorites are back located next to the pink plane!

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JetDoll Tease-O-Rama Peacock Burlesque Video

A cute virtual striptease promotional video for the Tease-O-Rama Peacock burlesque outfit! Set to the classic Shivas Regal. All footage captured via Second Life!

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NEW @ JetDoll :: Kimono

It was 1945, the Americans had infultrated Japan. To their surprised many found their way to Kyoto, where the maiko and geisha continued their practice despite the war. Johnny, a lad of 20 wandered into one of the Ochaya (teahouses) on the narrow alleyways to the sweet strum of a shamisen. He found women painted ghostly white with the most beautiful clothing he had ever seen. These were kimono, he thought and after spending his c pany with them inquired about where they were sold. A kind maiko guided him in the right direction... He purchased quite a few, not as cheap as he thought but so beautiful, kept them wrapped nicely in his knapsack to take home to his sweetheart soon...

Casual Komon and Formal Tomesode kimono are now available at JetDoll. With precise attention to detailing these kimono are close to 100% accurate. Each kimono contains an explanation notecard.

Komon: 175L
Tomesode: 250L

All mod/copy/no trans

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NEW! Fur Stoles

Wrap yourself in a comfy Fur Stole without the guilt! Stoles come in 2 colors; black & white. Modifiable to tint your own color as well!

Modify/Copy/No Trans

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New @ JetDoll :: Garter Skirts

Wear your garters on the outside with this silhouetted skirt in tweed complete with glitch pants and sculpted belt! Comes in 5 colors; Black, Brown, Blue, Red and Pink!

Copy/Modify/No Trans $110L

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