NEW @ JetDoll: Bows, Mermaids, Hair

So many new things have happened in the past weeks! Taking a break from it all I will present to you all of the new goodies available in store :) For you anti myspace people, JetDoll is now available on Facebook! Just search "JetDoll" in the search and join the group, or add the profile, hooray! ;D

Have a friend who'd like to join the group but has filled up on their group limit? No problem! Just stop by the shop and click on the subscribe-o-matic vendor (The image above) to be placed on a list for new items and images WITHOUT being part of the group. (But please, don't leave me to go there! xD ;__;)

The prelude style to the WW2 Romance hair ;) This unique hairstyle features victory rolls and sculpted back, hairnet and bow. it is available in 7 colors with a new "blonde" and "orange" shade. Test the DEMO out in store now! :D $250L Mod/Copy/No Trans

NEW @ The JetDoll RL Store!

This bow comes in two variations, with gingham and black fabric. It is held together with flexi straw. It is also available in the RL JetDoll store! ( $99L Mod, Copy, No Trans

New sculpted hair bow for the ladies! This bow features a skull pattern and sculpted skull centerpiece. ALSO available in RL~! $75L Mod, Copy, No Trans

Summers coming to an end so I decided to crank out some final fish wear for the ocassion! These mertails are FLEXIBLE and UNISEX! They come with sculpted shell bras for the ladies and a sculpted tail base. The tail is available in 7 colors: Black, White, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, Purple ^^ $300L each Mod, Copy, No Trans

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