NEW @ JetDoll :: Burlesque Dance Fans! 25L!

Flutter Fans

Need some quick fluffy feathers to tease in your dance? Want a cheap alternative? Pick up Flutter Fans available in White, Black or Black/White for only 25L! Transfer only.

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NEW @ JetDoll :: Sculpted Underbust Corsets!

"The corset is the ultimate lingerie" says Miss Dita herself! Inspired by tightlacing corsets and burlesque shows alike introducing the Dita corset, sculpted. Three settings for this corsets tightness; available in 8 colors!

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NEW @ JetDoll :: Vintage Heroine Costume!

Sally Jupiter Costume: Fight crime while looking prim and pretty or dress up for a costume party! Unofficial Sally Jupiter costume from Watchmen :D Includes: prim skirt, corset, gloves, garter, panties, stockings and sculpted neck piece! 200L M/C/NT

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NEW LINGERIE @ JetDoll Coquette Girdle & Brassiere

Take a trip back to the 1950's, when bullet brassieres were the highest form of feminine beauty! Coquette features a perfectly sculpted female breast point that snuggly lies on a secure bra. Coquette include: bra, sculpted cups, girdle, panties, garters and stockings. Available in 4 colors: Black, White, Cream, Nude!
200L M/C/NO Xfer

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Vintage Corselette Lingerie

Slim that figure whle looking drop dead gorgeous in this 6 piece corselette. A full bodied brassiere in vintage cream and sexy licorice guaranteed to make you look fabulous! Mod/Copy/No Transfer Under 200L!

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JetDoll is airborne!

Gotta be goin' to that maltshop in the sky....

After a month or so of silence, JetDoll has spread her wings and taken flight in to a cozy and glamorous new mainstore in the clouds! Along with the move comes new items! Pink Ladies & T-Bird Jackets: Fully sculpted jackets re-inspired by Grease the musical! Pink Ladies and T-birds jackets available at JetDoll for a low price of 100L

Your Jet

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