January 21, 2010

NEW @ JetDoll :: Kimono

It was 1945, the Americans had infultrated Japan. To their surprised many found their way to Kyoto, where the maiko and geisha continued their practice despite the war. Johnny, a lad of 20 wandered into one of the Ochaya (teahouses) on the narrow alleyways to the sweet strum of a shamisen. He found women painted ghostly white with the most beautiful clothing he had ever seen. These were kimono, he thought and after spending his c pany with them inquired about where they were sold. A kind maiko guided him in the right direction... He purchased quite a few, not as cheap as he thought but so beautiful, kept them wrapped nicely in his knapsack to take home to his sweetheart soon...

Casual Komon and Formal Tomesode kimono are now available at JetDoll. With precise attention to detailing these kimono are close to 100% accurate. Each kimono contains an explanation notecard.

Komon: 175L
Tomesode: 250L

All mod/copy/no trans


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