October 25, 2008

NEW @ JetDoll: Halloween Mania!

October has been a slap in the face! So much work to be done, but alas it has all been done. For those who are looking for a very retro Halloween, JD is your stop for a head turning costume! This year the fabulous costumes of Jessica Rabbit, Wilma Flintstone and Betty Rubble have appeared along with sculpted hair styles of Betty Page, Rubble, Flintstone, Rabbit, and the Bride of Frankenstein. In tune with The USO club (next door) and the birthday of the U.S Navy, a Cracker Jacks couple costume is available also!

Jessica Rabbit Hair/Dress/Avatar

A FULLY sculpted hairdo of one of the sexiest animated women in toon history! Jessica hair features the famous eye cover part with a full bouncy back. Available in 10 colors: Black, Jet Black, Wine, Brown, Orange, Plum,Red, Blood Red, Blonde & Suicide Blonde. Grab a DEMO in store today! 200L M/C/NT

"Why don't you do right?" like Jessica Rabbit! Now her classic stage show dress is available to you! This dress comes with a prim side part and glitch pants. It can also be worn as a sexy full piece swimsuit. Optional "bling" attachment points for extra fabulous-ness! 250L M/C/NT

A complete avatar with dress, gloves, sculpted hair in Orange, sculpted shoes, and 2 gestures "Why don't you do right?" & "I'm not bad..." Save $300L instead of getting separate parts! 400L M/C/NT

Bride-O-Frank Hair

A fully sculpted DO of the coolest bride ever! In two version: one with widows peak and one without. Available in 8 electric colors: Black, White, Red, Green, Yellow, Violet, Pink & Blue 250L M/C/NT

Betty & Wilma Hair
The dynamic duo of the Flintstones series is available now in 2 awesome hair styles! Betty & Wilma hairstyles are both sculpted with optional bone and bow attachments! Available colors are: Black, Jet Black, Blue Black, Red, Plum, Blonde, Orange, and Suicide Blonde. $100L M/C/No Trans

Betty Page Hair

The Queen of pin-ups hair is available to you now for Halloween or for everyday use! This sculpted Do' features the famous Betty bangs with a wavy body flowing over the shoulders and back. Available in 8 colors: Black, Jet Black, Blue, Violet, Wine, Plum, Red and Brown. Try a DEMO in store today! $200L M/C/NT

Betty & Wilma Dress
What hairdo isn't complete without a matching dress! Betty and Wilma's classic cartoon dresses, SL style! Betty's dress features a sculpted rock necklace and Wilma's features a pearl color change necklace :) $199L M/C/No Trans

Cracker Jacks Couples Outfits
Cracker Jacks or Navy Dress Blues. This outfit is an exact replica of a sailor in dress blues and comes as a couple costume for men and women :D Each gender sold separately. Featuring sculpted: cuffs, hat, tie, and collar!


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