May 23, 2008

Hawaiian Prnt Dresses + Hairflowers @ JetDoll!

Summer is almost here and its time to whip out the old summer dress! 5 new dresses, all hawaiian inspired, have arrived in store! The Aloha! dress comes in 5 different colors and are 110$L each. Copy/Mod/No Xfer

Every girl needs beautiful flowers in her hair. Rosie sculpted flowers are perfect for a cute decoration for a night out! This pack comes with 3 colors: black, white, and red and an optional "tintable" rose for your coloring pleasure! 99$L copy/Mod/ No Xfer

Reminder: Only 1 WEEK is left of the pin-up contest for the month of JUNE! This will go on every month until I get sick of it ;) So, submit those photos to me for your chance to win mega prizes! Have a great weekend everyone <3


B E T T I E . H E A R S E said...

Love the Pin Up of the month contest :)

My blog St Vicious can now be found at

I'm going to use St Vicious for my RL shop :) thanks for adding it btw

June 9, 2008 at 9:28 AM

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