May 18, 2008

JetDoll gets a facelift!

So it finally happened, SL screwed with the JetDoll mainstore. Unexplainable half of the build deleted itself. I freaked. "Crap, what will I do now? Oh, lets rebuild!" So JetDoll has a new fresh face lift. The atmosphere is more warm and welcoming than cold and crippled. Enjoy 2 custom made lucky chairs with Jet prizes, a Pin-up contest* starting now until the end of 2008 and bigger ads for the nearsighted. Hooray for craftsmanship!

* The contest is ongoing every month. Applications for that month are due at the end of the certain month. Applications now are for pinups in June 2008


Cherry Tokyo said...

woot XD

May 19, 2008 at 6:16 AM

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