January 05, 2008

NEW @ JetDoll - Boots, Tats, Dresses, Hair!

Well, the new year have begun and a truckload of new items have spilled out over the holiday vacation! Stuffed and tired, here are the newest items in store from the past two weeks :D

.::Step Rebel Boots::.

UNISEX SHOES Step Rebel's come in 5 colors: Pink, Red, Orange, Blue & Green. Each pair comes with a version for men or women and features a cute bandanna tied around one boot! Mod/Copy/No Trans

.::Go-Go Skelly Dresses::.

2 New Horrorpops inspired dresses with an exoskeleton pattern to show off your bones <3 style="text-align: center;">

.::Liquid Betty Tattoo + Cattrixa Tattoo::.

A semi transparent faded sleeve tattoo of Olivia's famous betty mermaid image! Comes in undershirt, Shirt, and Jacket layer :D Mreooow. An upper body leopard print tattoo with skull chest piece. Comes in 3 layers, jacket, shirt & undershirt.

.::Jellyroll Sculpted Mens hair::.

A new DO for the men: A classic Jellyroll! This sculpted hair features a U-shaped front roll and flat back in 6 colors: Black, Greasy Black, Brown, Blonde, Platinum & Red. Come try a DEMO in store ;D

::Fluff Womens Hair::.

Fluff is a literally poofy looking midlength style with little prim curls all around :-p Hair only comes in black and is available only in the mainstore :)

Also, a big thank you to Ryan Darragh from Men's Second Style for writing a sweet review for the "Pin-stripe" shirts! You can find the review here


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