January 31, 2008

Lots of new stuff @ JetDoll!

I'll have to admit, that this week was utter hell. One final after another to study for plus mountains of written assignments galore. Luckily, from the 25,000 things I had to do it was all completed! I was very skeptical about creating things this week but the irony of it is, I made more than what I ever expected. Kitty was on a roll! So......without further ado here are the newest items for this week!

::: Cubbies Necklace :::

On Jan. 3oth, this baby was free for Fashcons 1st b-day. Now I'm bringing this necklace in store. It is a primmed chained necklace with sculpted cube cherry's. mod/copy/no trans 120$L

::: Land Ho! Jeans :::

These super low-rise jeans come in 2 versions: One with Sailor Jerry emblems and one plain. Each also includes sculpted cuffs. Mod/Copy/No Trans Plain: 125$L Emblem: 150$L

::: CaddyShack Shirt ::

I havn't forgotten about you boys! A simple black button down with 2 classic beauties featured on the frontside. no mod/no copy/trans 125$L

::: Copper Sunglasses :::

Write some tickets with these nifty sculpted and color scripted sunglasses ;D Mod/Copy/Notrans 75$L

::: Ace of Spades Tattoo :::

New tat! In 3 layers! This one features full colored arms, and a spade chestpiece :D mod/copy/notrans 175$L

::: Lovefool Cardigans :::

Yes, I love the song! Cardigans in 10 colors to keep you warm! Available in: Black, Blue, Green, Yellow, Mustard, Pink, Aqua, Violet, Tan & Red. Cards are all on a shirt layer and come with 4 optional patches/emblems in jacket layer to put on. So thats, 4 cardigans in 1! yay!
Mod/Copy/No Trans 150$L


Ana Lutetia said...

those jeans look fabulous

March 9, 2008 at 4:19 AM

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