April 12, 2008

NEW Hair @ JetDoll

Need some raw billy? Helen's hair might do the trick. This giant pomped DO features a giant cherry curl and two pigtails of flexiprims. As an added bonus an extra attachment of straw for you to chew on and to have messed into your hair! 5 colors available: black, blonde, brown, plum & red! NO mod/Copy/NO xfer 199L$

Another new style in store today: The title says it all, Cherry Waves! A flowy page cut with infamous giant cherry waves to show off your rad hair styling skills ;D Come in store to try on demos for all colors. Colors available are: Black, brown, red, plum and blonde!

Cherry Waves also has a new scripted Hair Resizer Menu so you can easily adjust the hair to fit perfectly to you. Easy touch hair, menu comes up and you choose to either increase or decrease the size of the hair. Additionally, the built in resizer menu will allow you to edit just one piece of the hair if needed. Scripts are also removable once you have fitted the hair. (Shylah Honey)

NO mod/Copy/NO xfer 175L$


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